Summera Lamp packaging Design

23 mei 2016

Clients Briefing

We have a new Lighting Range to which we need packing. The packaging itself will be the SAME, with slight difference to dictate product differences.

Each lamp will need to packages. One for the shade and one for hangingsystem and canopy. The series comes in 3 sizes and different colours which the consumer then can combine. ex. Black shade with gold hanging system or White with also gold.

We would like the packaging design to be as simple as possible, black and white and with the the options for colours as boxes to X.

Still with a feeling of exclusivity, finish apple-like and on the inside cut out foam to hold the items.

EXAMPLE: The shade will be delivered in a velvet string bag and stand inside the box in a cut out foam that matches the diameter on the buttom + Velvetbag. on the top a lid which has a mounted peace of foam to fit in top of the hole and fixate the shade. The other box with the hanging system also placed in foam.

We wish no pictures on the box but only line drawings We attach all drawings, 3d files on request if you need it

Please be aware that the “hanging system” also includes the disk inside the shade. So its cable, with lampholder, the cylinder and the disk in one box and the shade in another. May they could have the same L+W so you easily can fit the complete lamp in a transport box or strap the to together or put af sleeve on both?


6 18 hood